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Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering

We offer initial design, project management, facilities management and installation services using our Environmental Engineering background. We can help make sure your site systems are performing to their most optimum level to give you the advantage, as well as making sure the environment is running to the best it can be.

Our flexible approach, and our love of what we do, means that we are able to provide cutting-edge solutions, be that a small problem or a multi-million-pound turnkey solution.

Designing a building vs Running a building

Too often buildings are designed for the hero shot on the day of opening. After that a building needs to be managed and usually, that's when design flaws start to show themselves.

Designing a building to sell well, run well and therefore provide continual return on investment needs careful nurturing of the design team. Encourage best practice in design, and work carefully behind the scenes on the living and breathing operational part of the building, not just the cosmetic look.

Costly mistakes to look out for

M&E (Mechanical and Electrical) incorrectly specified to ‘let well’.
Where agents prefer VAV or FCU air conditioning, because it is easy to sell, it is not always the best fit for the design and build. In 1996 we brought the ATM (Air Treatment Modules) to London SW1 and still achieved record rents letting the whole building to BHP Billiton.

The ability to run and maintain a building without downtime and without losing trade time is a specific skill that comes with time and experience. The show must go on - and it did, every night in the heart of the West End, despite decaying buildings. We managed to develop in and around theatres and cinemas, hitting every deadline on budget and with no loss in quality. Once occupied, each project could run with the flexibility to be serviced and maintained without disturbing the occupier.

At the Royal Court Theatre, SW1, we oversaw a major refurbishment of the building. The previous design had shoehorned a chiller into the building, yet itt was too noisy to run during performance times, rendering the audience experience to be a frustrating one. Careful consultation with thecontractors focused the attention on the engineering, not just the aesthetics.

Service Charge Increases
It is a mistake to assume all costs can be recharged through the service charge, which can be bad for tenant retention and rental growth. The correct design will have one eye on the running costs of the building.

What We've Achieved

We get the green light for projects where others see red, carefully engineering solutions which add value to finally make a site stack up. We have worked on:

  •   Over half of London's West end theatres,
  • Large corporations
  • Government departments,
  • Registered charities, and
  • High net worth individuals.